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    Our Service, Your Peace of Mind

    Wheelshare’s Operating & Maintenance department oversees the rental stations and wheelchairs 24/7, allowing you to focus on your needs – calmy and without any hassle.

    Our advanced customer service center provides user support 24/7/365, including remote station assistance and troubleshooting.

    Operating & Maintenance safeguards the technical capabilities of all stations, and ensures a pleasant and safe experience.

    We provide organizations with a turn-key solution that does not require any organizational involvement during the wheelchair rental process, saving you unnecessary human resources, valuable work time, much-needed energy, and redundant protocols.

    • 24/7 customer service center, even on holidays.
    • Regular station maintenance, management and operating, 24/7
    • Meticulous and ongoing maintenance for borrowed equipment integrity.
    • Full transparency, including usage reports for management review.

    Our Stations

    Wheelshare’s stylish stations allow complete compatibility with organizational needs, owing to its smart modular design.

    • Option to place exterior/interior stations with 4-30 wheelchairs/station
    • Optional station roofing, if needed
    • A user-friendly and easy digital rental process
    • Advanced multilingual system
    • Accessibility stations – compliance with all regulations
    • We work closely with various credit card companies toward deposits and/or payments
    • SMS reminders to users
    • Station environment – roofing and wheelchairs can feature customized design – per the branding of the organization or supportive entity
    • Remote-controlled system, supported 24/7/365 via customer service center

    Fill in the following details

    and we will get back to you soon

      Why Wheelshare?

      Automatic stations

      Our stations enable independent response to a visitor seeking to use the wheelchair – without requiring the assistance of on-site employees. Visitors simply approach the screen, go through a simple and short digital rental process, and receive their wheelchair.

      24/7/365 Service

      Wheelshare operates a 24/7/365 customer call service (even on holidays and Yom Kippur). We are available for any question or issue.

      Operating & Maintenance

      Wheelshare oversees maintenance of stations without any involvement on your part, including chair maintenance, station cleaning, parts replacement, chair supply, etc.

      Optional Advertising

      A variety of self-advertising or sponsored advertising options – at the front of the stations, on the sides of the station roofing, on guiding signs, or on the wheelchairs.

      Image Improvement

      Join our accessibility revolution. Using our stations, you can improve your image and provide your clientele with excellent service.

      Financial Savings and Operational Quiet

      Quiet - Wheelshare provides end-to-end service, thereby obviating the need for your time and resources – to be spent elsewhere. Our stations are completely automatic and do not require on-site involvement.


      Our customer service center is available 24/7.
      Our skilled staff will answer any question you might have.
      Dial 03-7740916

      How much does it cost?

      We make an effort to charge as minimum as possible, to make the service accessible to everyone.

      The service costs ILS 5 – ILS 10 per hour, depending on the rental location.

      The most updated information appears on-screen – during the rental process, and additional details are displayed in the terminal.

      How do I rent?

      The rental process is simple and easy: users tap “Wheelchair Rental”, approve the Terms of Use, enter their credit card, and input a phone number (see full details under ‘How it Works’).

      What credit cards do you accept?

      Our stations accept VISA, Mastercard, and Diners.

      Why can’t I rent a wheelchair with cash?

      Credit card billing allows us to manage wheelchair sharing and ensure the user’s commitment to return the wheelchair when they are done using it, so it will be waiting for the next user when they arrive.

      How do I return the wheelchair?

      On-screen, tap “Return Wheelchair”, and follow the instructions.

      The process will ask you to input the wheelchair’s number (the 4 digits below the armrests), fold the wheelchair, and return it to the station number displayed on-screen.

      Can I return a wheelchair to another station?

      In case there are additional stations nearby in the rental location, the wheelchair can be returned in another station.

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