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    How to Use

    Wheelshare’s automatic rental stations supply the general public with innovative, comfortable, and constantly available wheelchairs.

    The easy and simple rental process includes three short and important steps: confirming the Terms of Use confirmation, entering a credit card, and providing a cell phone number.

    At the conclusion of the process, a locking device on an available wheelchair will be unlocked.

    To return the wheelchair, users input the rented wheelchair number and proceed to lock it in the designated unlocked station.

    ** Pay attention – The wheelchair will be returned through the system!
    If the return process is not completed, the billing process will continue up to NIS 1,500.

    How It Works?



    Type a phone number in the position


    Transfer a credit card (as a deposit)


    Take out a chair


    Return the chair when the loan is completed



    Tap on “Return”


    Enter the wheelchair number (can be found under the arm rests


    Return the wheelchair to the station; the station number will appear on-screen


    Listen for the lock ‘click’



    1. Tap on “Rental”.

    2. Read and confirm the Terms of Use.

    3. Enter your credit card (magnetic stripe facing down) and then remove it according to the instructions.

    4. Enter your cell phone number.

    5. Remove the wheelchair from the station (the station number will appear on-screen and on the right side of the wheelchair).

    6. Unfolding the wheelchair:

    A. Push the seat down on both ends until the wheelchair is fully unfolded.

    B. Push the leg rests downward.


    1. Folding the wheelchair:

    A. Fold the short legs.

    B. Pull the seat upward.

    2. Tap on “Return”.

    3. Enter the wheelchair number (can be found under the arm rests)

    4. Put the folded wheelchair in the station. The station number will appear on-screen. (Push the tongue at the front of the wheelchair into the lock until you hear the lock ‘click’).

    5. The process is completed once the “Action Completed Successfully” notification appears on-screen.


    Our customer service center is available 24/7.
    Our skilled staff will answer any question you might have.
    Dial 03-7740916

    How much does it cost?

    We make an effort to charge as minimum as possible, to make the service accessible to everyone.

    The service costs ILS 5 – ILS 10 per hour, depending on the rental location.

    The most updated information appears on-screen – during the rental process, and additional details are displayed in the terminal.

    How do I rent?

    The rental process is simple and easy: users tap “Wheelchair Rental”, approve the Terms of Use, enter their credit card, and input a phone number (see full details under ‘How it Works’).

    What credit cards do you accept?

    Our stations accept VISA, Mastercard, and Diners.

    Why can’t I rent a wheelchair with cash?

    Credit card billing allows us to manage wheelchair sharing and ensure the user’s commitment to return the wheelchair when they are done using it, so it will be waiting for the next user when they arrive.

    How do I return the wheelchair?

    On-screen, tap “Return Wheelchair”, and follow the instructions.

    The process will ask you to input the wheelchair’s number (the 4 digits below the armrests), fold the wheelchair, and return it to the station number displayed on-screen.

    Can I return a wheelchair to another station?

    In case there are additional stations nearby in the rental location, the wheelchair can be returned in another station.

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