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    About us

    WHEELSHARE LTD was established in 2017 to provide an easy and simple solution to make wheelchairs accessible in both public and private places and meet the increasing need of mobilizing visitors who experience difficulties with movement.

    Mr. Kasirer, Wheelshare’s Founder and CEO, first discovered this essential need at a large medical center as he witnessed a devoted son who brought his father in for oncological treatment but was unable to find an available wheelchair. Though people around him attempted to assist, locating the wheelchair took an implausible amount of time.

    In August 2018, Wheelshare’s first wheelchair station was placed in Ichilov Hospital. Like a fire in a piece of lint, station placement increased to 80% of Israeli hospitals. Owing to Hapoalim Bank’s sponsorship, you can benefit from our service at hospitals for free for the first 4 hours!

    Wheelshare’s stations generate a tremendous change for patients and visitors and allow them daily mobilization in hospitals – simply and comfortably.

    Currently, we are working vigorously to spread the word of Wheelshare in other public spaces as well, so everyone can benefit from them.

    We believe that movement difficulties are not a reason to avoid enjoying the local park or beach, visiting national heritage sites, shopping malls, or even cemeteries.

    Rishon Lezion Municipality was the first to join the ride and, in May 2021, we placed Wheelshare stations in Gan B’Ivrit and Hof HaNechim Boardwalk.

    Wheelshare continues to grow and operate vigorously to make public spaces accessible to everyone, both in Israel and abroad.

    Top Clients

    Leading the Way

    Yossi Ben Shalom

    Chairman of "Shagrir" and Partner in the Foundation DBSI.

    Mr. Kasirer

    CEO & Founder

    Meir Slater

    CFO & Founder

    David michael

    Member of the board

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